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Make Zurqui your next home. Zurqui is a South Louisiana company with deep roots in construction and real estate development. Our premier apartments and townhomes are newly renovated in a stylish, modern design, offering a selection of luxury amenities like Quartz  countertops, vinyl flooring, large walk-in closets, washer/dryer connections, and an array of fixtures and stainless appliances.


In a Zurqui townhome or apartment, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to provide residents with a comfortable, modern and safe living environment. Residents can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with living in a well-built home that prioritizes their comfort and wellbeing.

Green & Clean

Zurqui apartments and townhomes offer an eco-friendly and attractive living space that blends seamlessly with the surrounding natural environment, providing residents with an ideal combination of sustainability and style.


Zurqui townhomes and apartments offer a wide range of comprehensive amenities that cater to residents' diverse needs and lifestyles. From modern kitchens to spacious living areas, residents can enjoy a comfortable and convenient living experience.


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