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Play Extreme Flight Plan. Fun filled on-line paper airplane game. Enjoyment for the entire family.
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Extreme Flight Plan is for two players. The object of the game is to be the first to arrive at the airport.

Choosing which player goes first -

In the upper left side of the screen, you will see a navigation device from an aircraft instrument panel. When you place the computer cursor over this panel, a random number between 1 and 6 will appear. Each time you place the cursor over the panel, another number will be shown. There is no need to click, or double click on this panel. To choose who goes first one player places the cursor over the panel, and then the other player. The player who has the highest number goes first.

Starting the game -

The player who goes first places the cursor over the panel to obtain a number. He then places the cursor over the paper airplane of his choice and while pressing the mouse button down and keeping it pressed, drags the paper airplane the proper number of spaces from the (START HERE) sign. When the paper airplane is on the proper colored box, the mouse button is released. If you land on a box that says (GO BACK), follow the instructions by moving the paper airplane back the number of spaces indicated.

The second player repeats the above playing instructions and then passes the mouse back to the first player so that he can take his turn.

Playing rules -

Two players are allowed on the same square at the same time. When you are arriving at the airport you must have the EXACT number. If you receive a number that is higher than the number of spaces to the airport, you must not move your airplane. The chance is then given to your opponent.

The first person to arrive at the airport is the winner.

Playing another game -

When you finish the first game, you can press the (RELOAD PAGE) button on your Internet browser and the paper planes will automatically return to the original position. Or you can just move them to the original position. The LOOSER of the previous game has the right to go first.

Enjoy the game!

Home page - Best paper airplane in the world

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