Enter this exciting new contest and try your hand at...
comedy copywriting.

NOTE: The monthly FREE FORMS comedy copywriting contest will no longer accept submissions. We will continue to keep the 17 years of winning submissions on-line for the public to enjoy. We thank the people who took the time to submit their creativity and humor for our readers enjoyment. …Thank you


You won't win a shiny new Chevy Volt or a trip to Cancun, but you will have the glory of having your comedy line published with your credit at the end of each month.

To enter the contest examine the drawing below, think of the best punch line you can for the situation and send your creation to Support. Specify the order in which the dialog occurs (A. then B.) or (B. then A.). No off-color or nasty language, we want good clean fun. Entries can be in English or Spanish. GOOD LUCK.

When we publish the winners we will also publish a new situation for the next month.

Comedy scene, June 2013


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