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-DRAWING OF COMEDY SCENE-Winner: January 1998

First Prize-
From: Domenic Panetta - Domen8r(at)Uwindsor.Ca

B. He said he won't give us the ticket if we promise to abduct his wife.
A. Tell him we'll take the ticket.

Second Prize-

From: Derek Hanson - m_c_00bb(at)

A. You had to buy the only spaceship that looks like a donut
B. It was either that or a muffin saucer.

Third Prize-

From: Helen - jonesaccting(at)

B. You said the speed limit is 65.
A. 65 not 6500.

Honorable mention-

From: Garry Bridges - gbridges(at)

A. See honey, I did stop to ask for directions.
B. Yeah! Well it would have been nice if you would have done it 2 light years ago at the last galactic intersection.

-DRAWING OF COMEDY SCENE-Winner February 1998

First Prize-
From: Frank Pines - fgpines(at)

A. Waiter I said I wanted some "Fine Powdered Cheese! Not Fly Chowder Please."
B. Oh! I'm Morry Sore the Fistake."

Second Prize-

From: Garry Bridges - gbridges(at)

A. Waiter, there is a fly in my soup.
B. Sorry Mr. Clinton; Hillary called the kitchen and requested that we put it there.

Third Prize-
From: Domenic Panetta - Domen8r(at)Uwindsor.Ca

B. Excuse me ,waiter, there seems to be a problem here.
A. Oh dear, I'm sorry, you are correct sir, the soup must be way too cold if that fly could survive in there!!

Honorable mention-

From: LBLAKE32(at)

B. (waiter) Sir is there something wrong?
A. (customer) I ordered the yellow hornet, what kind of place is this?"

Honorable mention-

From: Barbara Brimble - bbrimb01(at)

A. Waiter! Is this a fly?
B. Oh, no sir, of course not, our chef would never make such a blunder.
B. That, sir, is a cigerette butt with garneshings, and I would ask you to be a little more discreet lest others hear you and then everyone would want want.

Honorable mention-

From: Bob Lagimodiere - lagimodr(at)

B. Is there a problem sir?
A. There sure is, I didn't order soup with these flys.


First Pize-
From: Jenny Broe - Jenny.Broe(at)

A. Now that's an accurate throw.
B. Yeah, they must have used a smart pie!

Second Pize-

From: Gary Cheski - garyc_(at)

A. I did hear that he and his wife were having marital problems.
B. *Now* I understand what he meant when he said that his wife "desserted" him!

Third Pize-

From: Domenic Panetta - domen8r(at)

B. Oh My! Poor Mr. Higgins, there seems to be a digruntled employee in the Baking Department.
A. At least its not as bad as the time there was that digruntled employee in the Natural Fertilizer Department.


First Prize-
From: Matthew Bunnell - MBUNNELL(at)

A. I tell you this love affair with the Titanic movie just never ceases to amaze me...
B. Yarr!, but if I hear one more wiseguy yell "Iceberg, right ahead!!", I'm gonna jump ship.

Second Prize-
From: Jenny Broe - Jenny.Broe(at)

A. I'm so glad you changed the in-ferry movie to "Titanic"
B. Yeah, it sure beats last week's "Full Monty"!

Third Prize-
From: Domenic Panetta - domen8r(at)

A. Look at her! I can't believe how much everyone's been affected by that there Titanic Movie.
B. Yes, what a shame. By the way, have I explained to you why this here Snake River Ferry is Unsinkable?

-SORRY NOW WINNER-Sorry! no winners for the month of May or June.

The same cartoon used for May was carried over into June.

Please try again.


First Prize-
From: Geneviève Parent - genevieve.parent(at)

B. You're just jealous because I'm thinner and I get to go places all the time!
A. Sure! I'd love to be carried around in a fat businessman's backpocket all day!

Second Prize-
From: Sonia Logue - slogue(at)

B. Gee Grampa, tell me more about the olden days!
A. Well I'd love to son, But it's gettin' late and your batteries are runnin' down, besides, my Rotor is killin me!

Third Prize-
From: Ohiohealth - SIMST(at)

A. Wow! These humans sure have gotten lazy over the years.
B. Yeah! I know, just think, before me all they could do was sit and talk.

-DRAWING OF COMEDY SCENE-Because of technical difficulties, we were unable to publish the August winner or the September cartoon. For this reason, we are awarding August and September together.

Winners August and September 1998

First Prize-
From: Gene Poore - winpoo(at)

A. South, Harry! South! We go South to the breeding grounds.
B. I know. I know. I forgot my Viagra!

Second Prize-
From: April Walker - apwalker(at)

A. Compass broke?
B. Nope, I left my wallet sitting on the bar.

-DRAWING OF COMEDY SCENE-Winners October 1998

First Prize-
From: cluesew(at)

A. Just in time for the dog and frisbee contest! Hey - did you see where that frisbee went?
B. No, but the dog thinks it did!

Second Prize-
From: PenLov(at)

A. Hey, that mutt looks familiar.
B. Yeah, it's the one we neutered last trip.

Honorable mention-
From: Mark Wooster - rci_svcs(at)

B. This is the last time I let you drive, he'll be focilized before we pass Neptune. Think of the reduced fuel economy.
A. Yeah, well after Fifty Years in that giant test tube in Roswell, I'm a little rusty ok - so shoot me!

-DRAWING OF COMEDY SCENE-Winners November 1998

First prize-
From: Robert J. Mohilowski - HOPALONGBOB(at)

A. WOW! Where does this guy, buy his shoes?
B. Yedi-Mart, next to Missing-Links golf course.

Second prize-
From: Garry Bridges =o) - gbridges(at)

A. I can't believe it jed.
B. I can't either bill, This yeti has no since of style. He should get some Fila shoes.

Third prize-
From: Tony Spada - metsboy(at)

A. You know what they say about guy's with feet like this?
B. Yeah... multi-million dollar shoe contract.

Honorable mention-
From: Smith, Geary - Geary.Smith(at)

A. Bill, looks like something has found our favorite slopes.
B. Either that, or we have came across Bigfoot's jogging trek.

-DRAWING OF COMEDY SCENE-Winners December 1998

First prize-
From: Steven Q. Simpson - sqsimpson(at)

A. Boss, is this what you meant by, "AcmeTech needs a return to old-time values?"
B. Shut up, they're serving Spam for the in-flight!

Second prize-
From: Imagesof - imagesof(at)

A. I wonder if it has an Entertainment System?
B. That all depends--do you like Silent Movies?

Honorable mention-
From: R&C Ragland - ragland(at)

A. Simpson I know the city was in a financial crisis but heavens man !!!
B. Sorry sir, I didn't think the airport needed all that extra land when I sold it.

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