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Winner January 2011
Comedy scene

First Prize-
From: Amy Ross - amyrenee9024(at)

A. Right, we've narrowed it down to January, now what is the exact date of your birthday?
B. I'm divorcing you.

Second Prize-
From: Michael Deffet - deffetm(at)

A. I'm doing great with my resolutions! I'm running five miles each morning, eating greens everyday, and I've given up coffee! How about you?
B. I'm doing great too! I've resolved to wait til February to smack your face each time you tell me about your annoying resolutions!

Third Prize-
From: Mark G. - atlanticchew(at)

A. Oh my, Clare, another year has passed us.
B. The kitchen faucet is still leaking, Henry.

Honorable Mention-
From: rogerleib(at)

A. Time sure does fly.
B. It certainly does! Can you believe we've been in our Y2K bunker 11 years already?

Winners February and March 2011.

Comedy scene February and March 2011First Prize-
From: Michael Deffet - deffetm(at)

A. Well, we thought it was Spring there for a few days, didn't we?
B. Sure did. Hey, if you come across any Titleists 2's, those would be mine.

Second Prize-
From: Michael Malloy - mgmou(at)
A. Damnit Frank, I bought this property here in Hell to avoid the cold weather and snow. How did this happen?
B. Oh, didn't you hear Tom? Back on Earth the Buffalo Bills actually won a Superbowl.

Third Prize-
From: Smith Young - phantombuy(at)

B. One, one frosty breath cloud! Ah! Ah! Ah!
A. Two, two frosty breath clouds! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Honorable Mention-
From: lumadad77(at)

A. Hey neighbor! Can you believe all this snow?
B. What I can't believe is how long you've borrowed my shovel.

Winners April and May 2011

Comidy contest winners, April - May 2011First Prize-
From: Emanuel Prisecaru - emanuel.prisecaru(at)

B. How was your night out with the guys?
A. I'm trying to remember.

Second Prize-
From: Josh - JoshNason8(at)

B. The paper says the government is building a new 10 foot fence to keep out illegal aliens.
A. Might need to be taller.

Third Prize-
From: Mira - mirairmal(at)

A. Margret, call mother back in right now! She shouldn't walk home on her own!
B. Relax George. She’ll be fine! I’ve already hired somebody to pick her up!

Comedy contest scene


Winners June, July and August 2011

First Prize-
From: Michael Monkhouse - gizmokettkes(at)

A. Hi i'd like ten pounds' worth of petrol.
B. Certainly, that's twenty pounds.


Comedy contest scene


Winners September and October 2011

First Prize-
From: Andrew Jarvis -

A. You see!
B. Okay, maybe Halliburton shouldn’t have been given no-bid contracts.

Second Prize-
From: Rory Z - mzentili(at)

A. Oh my God! They’re actually building over congestion!
B. Yeh it’s a bit over the top.


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