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Winner January, February 2010
Comedy scene

First Prize-
From: rwboss6(at)

A. I specifically ordered the soup with the fly on the side!
B. Very Good sir.

Second Prize-
From: enoliton(at)

A. Waiter, what is this fly doing in my soup?
B. I believe he is doing the backstroke!

Winners March, April 2010

Comedy sceneFirst Prize-
From: Michael Deffet - mdeffet(at)

A. Look at that! I got today EXACTLY right! That's never happened before!
B. The Network called - they want you to draw up a Climate Change Accu-Map by Thursday.

Second Prize-
From: Joe and Monique Longo - moejoe_longo(at)

A. So Bill, what's the forecast look like for the drive home?
B. Well after twenty years of that same lame joke, there's a strong chance that it will be raining fists today.

Third Prize-
From: Gary A. Rainer - code3gary(at)

B. Geez, how do you come up with your forecast? They are always right on the dot.
A. It just comes to me, I guess.

Winners May and June 2010

Comedy contest sceneFirst Prize-
From: suzick(at)

A. I thought you looked familiar! In the fourth grade, you used to set your milk carton on my autographed picture of Courtney Cox!
B. You haven't changed a bit either!

Second Prize-
From: Anna Sanner - chameleonage(at)

A. O, Liz, I’m working on something important. I don’t need anything, thanks.
B. Are you sure? I just saw the ‘What’s on your mind’ note on your facebook profile. It said ‘Brian Benning yuierghdfjkghk’, so I thought you might need some coffee

Third Prize-
From: Terry Tully - teedee147(at)

B. Can I get you some coffee?
A. No need, I just got the new iPhone, it makes it for me.

Honorable Mention-
From: Michael Deffet - DeffetM(at)

B. More Coffee Sir ?!
A. Geez, do you have to get right in my face that way? Couldn’t you have texted me? or tweeted your question? or maybe sent a facebook comment, or an email? Gosh, what nerve!

Winners July and August 2010

Comedy sceneFirst Prize-
From: Andrew - andybond719(at)

B. It says here newspapers will soon be obsolete with the dawn of the iPad.
A. I doubt it, not unless they make it a lot bigger, you can't hide behind it during the rush hour!

Second Prize-
From: Mike O. - mike(at)

A. Do you think you impress me with that little thing? I bet you cannot use it to clean a window?
B. No, I can’t clean a window but I can play Sudoku and do Crosswords and it’ll suggest me hints for my answers!

Third Prize-
From: suzick(at)

A. You people think those things are capable of anything!
B. It told me you would say that.

Honorable Mention-
From: Gina - quartermaine(at)

A. I like to actually read my news. I don't have time for gizmos.
B. With this baby I really save time. It takes me only half a day to get
one hour's worth of information.

September and October 2010

Sorry! no winners for the months of September and October.
Please try again.

Winners November, December 2010Comedy scene

First Prize
From: remmy441(at)

A. What should we watch; politics or Divorce Court?
B. Yuck! I can't stand all that sniping, finger-pointing and name-calling. We'd better watch Divorce Court.

Second Prize
From: Gary Long - mathiasdamouf7(at)

A. Hey Gladis what do you imagine would happen if that Donkey and that there Elephant spawned a child..?
B. Eh I can't hear you Willis but I do want some Tea.

Third Prize
From:Matthew T Handerhan - handermt(at)

A. Something all Americans care about.
B. Lava lamps.

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