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Winner January, Februry, March 2009
Comedy sceneSituation: What if Internet had been invented in the 1950's


First Prize-
From: Edward.Huizinga(at)

B. Hmm - there goes another one. I wonder what DARPA stands for?
A. Stop playing with your missles dear and come to dinner.


Winners April and May, 2009
Situation: A. The bumper sticker says.....

Comedy contest scene.First Prize-
From: Matthew Jefferson - mattjeff7(at)

A. Hot chick recently divorced and loving life!
B. Darling do you know where I can buy one of those?

Second Prize-
From Ed Huizinga - Edward.Huizinga(at)

A. Life is short - kiss your companion.
B. Good thing I'm not walking the dog.

Winners June and July, 2009

Comedy sceneFirst Prize-
From: Edward M. Huizinga - Edward.Hizinga(at)

A. I'd help you, but I just got a manicure.
B. That should help you find your next date.

Second Prize-
From: Ryan Olesen - rolesen(at)

B. Then you put the spare here and fasten it on.
A. Honey, I think it's great that you are teaching me how to change a tire and all, but I really think we should be using our own car.

Winners August and September, 2009

Comedy sceneFirst Prize-
From: Troy Oliver - troyjoliver(at)

B. WAIT! Something… isn’t… right about this…
A. What? Come on! It says “Zero down-payment, right there on the cheddar!”

Second Prize-
From: Peter Winkler - cptwinks(at)

A. Oh swiss cheese! My Favorite!
B. Be careful! It may not be organic...

Third Prize-
From: Ronan Morley - ronanmunch(at)

A. Oh Marvin I'm starving.
B. Wait! I smell a rat.

Winners October - November - December 2009

Comedy sceneFirst Prize -
From: Ryan Plummer - ryplum(at)

A. I guess alien abduction isn't so bad after all.
B. To tell you the truth, I probably needed a fun night out on the town anyway.

Second Prize -
From: Ed Huizinga Edward.Huizinga(at)

A. We open up Bingo Night to the Presbyterians and look what happens!
B. Well, he does almost have a bingo.

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