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Winners January 2007

Comedy scene

First Prize-
From: Steve Salle - Steve.Salle (at)

A. Is that really the way it happened Grandpa Ditka?
B. Absolutely. This statue commemorates how the Colts' owner got his inspiration for their helmet logo.

Second Prize-
From: Alex Kaseberg - lexkase (at)

B. "That there is John Crapper, inventer of the toilet."
A. "But Grandpa, why is he holding that thing Daddy pees on?"

Third Prize-
From: Jom Schultz - scrappy1 (at)

A. Wow, grandpa, I've never seen a porcelain statue before. He must have been very special?
B. Indeed! Sir Jonathan Biffy... immortalized as the first man ever to, attempt, and successfully potty train street pigeons.

Winners March 2007

Comedy scene March 07First Prize-
From: Mike Deffet - deffetm (at)

A. Hey! You're going the wrong way!
B. No I'm not - I just saw "An Inconvenient Truth" - we've got 2 more months of summer!!

Second Prize-
From: Edward M. - Edward.Huizinga (at)

B. Wow, a half-price Alaskan cruise, and all I have to do is get myself there!
A. There's one born every minute.

Winner April May 2007

Comedy scene, April - May 2007First Prize-
From: Edward M. Huizinga - Edward.Huizinga (at)

A. Bad singing, ludicrous voting and spaced out judges.
B. Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Winners June and July 2007

Comedy scene June - July 07 First Prize-
From: Alex Kaseberg - lexkase (at)

A. So this is the earthling's leader, you say?
B. Yes, and his worthless servant is named: Golly Wilbur.

Second Prize-
From: S. Presson - sap (at)

B. Re-run?
A. Yeah.

Third Prize-
From: Edward M. Huizinga - Huizinga (at)

A. The quadrupeds have taken over.
B. There's no predicting evolution.

Honorable Mention-
From: Daniel Samson - dss82 (at)

A. 10 billion channels and this is what you watch
B. Come on, he talks!

Winners August and September 2007
Written on the door: Patent Office

Comedy scene Sept. 07First Prize-
From: Dustin Morby - dustbuster67357 (at)

A. You buy yours at WalMart too?
B. Yep.

Second Prize-
From: Edward M. Huizinga - Edward.Huizinga (at)

B. Good thing I got here first!
A. Good thing I'm closer to the door!

Winners October and November 2007
The old, arriving home late excuse.

Comedy scene Oct. and Nov. 2007First Prize-
From: Eric Critchley - critchley_eric(at)

B. Where have you been? And I want the abbreviated version...
A. Honey, didn't you remember that this is the night we turn all the clocks back an hour? My buddies and I took it upon ourselves to visit all the local bars and night clubs in hopes of reminding as many people as we could of this important detail. Why don't you put that thing down and "fall back" asleep.

Second Prize-
From: JDeffet(at)

A. Avon calling!!!
B. !!!

Third Prize-
From: Jim Schultz - scrappy1(at)

A. Jusht as I always shuspectected, my shweety...hic, you're even perttier at night...under star-light..
B. Really, So I guess when you wake up from the blunt trauma coma...I'll be a regular "PIN" up girl to you, huh?

Honorable Mention-
From: Karri Hanin - karrioki(at)

A. You're not going to believe this.....
B. And you won't feel a thing...

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