Free Forms winner page 2006

Winners January - February 2006

Comedy scene

First Prize-
From: Danny Lynch - Dolynchmob (at)

A. I think they could have found a better way...
B. Hey, It was either this or Oprah was going to have to wait in 45 minutes of traffic.

Second Prize-
From: Gina Quartermaine - quartermaine (at)

B. As you can see the Washington DC evacuation is going smoothly as planned.
A. I'll call the Mayor congratulating him then I'll call FEMA...



Winners March - April 2006

Comedy sceneFirst Prize-
From: Edward M. Huizinga - Edward.Huizinga (at)

B. The bad news is we lost the boat.
A. The good news is we own the island free and clear.

Second Prize-
From: Gary Cheski - garyc_ (at)

B. Is someone coming to save us?
A. No, the IRS says I forgot to sign my tax form.

Third Prize-
From: Joseph Luca - jackieandjoe (at)

A. Oops, accidents happen. Um, I am sure another rescue boat will come by once they find this message in a bottle.
B. Whatever. Just make sure you point the flare gun up next time.

Winners May - June 2006

Comedy sceneFirst Prize-
From: Loren Pawlitz - lorendpawlitz (at)

A. So THAT's what the weatherman meant by isolated showers!
B. <Grumble>

Second Prize-
From: Ilene - Ilene (at)

A. Did anyone ever mention to you that a dark cloud sometimes follows you?
B. No, just Micro-climates.



Winners July -August 2006
Text on drawing: the year, 8499 - Two archaeologists unearth yet another of those strange beige objects with long tails.

Comedy scene
First Prize-
From: GlcknrMrly (at)

A. The boss said be careful not to move anything.
B. Was that before or after he threw his computer at us?

Second Prize-
From: Ilene Kolbe - Ilene (at)

A. Oh look, it's an artifact from the techno-rodent era!
B. Yes, I believe it was the Geek tribe that named it "mouse".

Third Prize-
From: suzick (at)

B. And, you say they were known as "mice?"
A. We're not quite sure. All we really know about them, is that they apparently worked together with a much a larger device. There is evidence, however, that these seemingly harmless devices eventually drove an entire civilization to insanity and their ultimate extinction.

Winners September 2006
Man discovers a fly in his soup.

Comedy sceneFirst Prize-
From: Megan Grano - icreception(at)

A.  Waiter, what is this? I said I wanted a soup on the fly.
B.  I'm sorry. I'm dyslexic.

Second Prize-
From: Dan Lynch - Dolynchmob(at)

A. I've been coming here for 5 years, and I've never experienced anything like this...
B. yes sir, I noticed your soup. Finally, someone is joining you for dinner.

Third Prize-
From: suzick(at)

A. Waiter, would you please tell me what this fly is doing in my soup?!?!
B. Of course sir... I believe that's the backstroke.

Honorable Mention-
From: Amrita Chauhan - sidjaipur(at)

A. What is this?
B. Sir, this is our chef's speciality for the day, "mixed non-veg soup".

Winners Octobere 2006

First Prize-
From: Daniel Lynch - Dolynchmob(at)

A. Well, we were instructed to destroy this planet unless we found evidence of intelligent life. So why did you bring me here?
B. This is how Earthling spend their money.
A. I'll prepare the ray gun.

Second Prize-
From: Jpwiederho(at)

A. They ride up, slide back down and then they do it again.
B. This is going to be so easy.

Third Prize-
From: Michael Spaeth - michaelspaeth2001(at)

A. Okay- here's the plan. Probe them, remove their brains, make them our slaves.
B. Looks like somebody already beat us to the punch.

Winners November December 2006

Comedy SceneFirst Prize-
From: Alex Kaseberg - lexkase(at)

A. Don't forget the lug-nut.
B. How can I? It's in the driver's seat.

Second Prize-
From: Amy D'Aquila - alex64here(at)

A. Are you putting the right front tire on the left side?
B. Yeah, you did say to rotate them right?

Third Prize-
From: Mike Deffet - DeffetM(at)

A. Hmmm, I wonder what you do with that do-hickey?  And I wonder what that round thing is for?  Let me go try to find someone who might know better than I do -
B. OK, OK, I'll stop making you ask for directions every time I think we're lost ...

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