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Political map of Costa Rica. City map of San Jose.


Conceptos Digitales C.R., proud to present our new web site Maptak. What is the Maptak web site all about? Maptak is about maps, detailed maps of Costa Rica. Usually maps on the internet are small, slow loading and with limited information. Maptak is an exception to the rule because it uses an advanced method of displaying maps on the internert.

3D map of national park.

Downloadable PDF map of Costa Rica.If your internet browser is equipped with a Macromedia Flash 4 or newer plug-in, you are ready to enjoy these maps. Most modern browsers are able to display this format. Maptak uses vector graphics rather than bitmap images for the larger maps. Here are some of the advantages:

At Maptak you will find political and physical maps of the entire country, province maps, city maps, 3D maps of all of the national parks, photographs locating landmarks on the city maps, virutal reality, historical maps. Locations of the 136 protected areas of Costa Rica, mileage calculator, downloadable PDF maps and more. Visit Maptak often as we will be adding to it constantly.

Milage tool.A unique feature is the X-ray map of Costa Rica. You select what types of data you want to see and custom build your map as you wish. Examine detailed antique XVI century maps of Costa Rica and Central America and old treasure maps of the Isla del Coco and more.

All of the scalable maps on the Maptak web site can be printed and used for studies, school assignments and tourist information. If you are looking for tools to explore Costa Rica, industrial strength maps of Costa Rica, look no further, visit Maptak -



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