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-Breakfast 1949-When I was a young boy, wonderful free gifts came in cereal boxes. Things like Flash Gordon space rings and Dick Tracy detective membership cards.

One morning while emptying the cereal box a strange object fell out. It looked like a flattened gray colored ice cream cone. Little did I know what magic was in store for me.

I popped open the absorbent paper object into a funnel or cone shape and then mixed up a soap solution as instructed on the cereal box.

I was familiar with the bubble blowing solution sold with a plastic or wire blowing ring available at our neighborhood corner store. I was an expert at blowing bubbles, nothing could surprise me.

I submerged the funnel into the bowl of soap solution and started blowing a bubble. At first everything was normal, I blew what I thought were large 15 cm. bubbles and set them floating in the air separating them from the funnel with a snap of the wrist. Soon I was blowing larger bubbles 20, 25 and 30 cm. bubbles. I learned that as the bubbles became larger, the slower your movements must be so as not to dislodge the bubble from the cone. I soon was blowing 60 cm. diameter, long lasting bubbles with no problem at all.

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